Monday, December 5

Naughty or Nice

Sunday morning on our way to church we went to the local drive-thru coffee shop. At the window they had two tip cups, one that said Naughty and one that said Nice. They always have something that you can "vote" on with your tips, and this morning it was this. I was saddened to see that the Naughty cup was quite full, but I couldn't see anything in the Nice cup. We asked the barista if there was any money in it, and she said, "Yeah, 75 cents. I put it in there myself from the last lady. I thought I should put it in there since it was Sunday."

I'm not really surprised, but still saddened to know that our culture glories in how naughty they are. I really don't think people were being honest and saying they had been naughty, but rather were proud to say they had been. We NEVER put tips into any of these tip cups (that's a topic for another post), but this morning we just had to put some into the Nice cup. I am sure I am not always nice, but I certainly strive to be nice and try not to be naughty.

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