Tuesday, May 6

Another Recommendation

I finished reading Nim's Island aloud to the kids this morning, and since we have a spanking new cinema in our little community now and since Daddy got home early from work today, we decided to take them to the matinee to see the movie. The kids liked it, and I really enjoyed it too! Okay, I admit, the special effects (particularly the CG) are not stellar and the story flounders a bit where they decided to stray from the book, but it inspires a love of reading and adventure and being courageous, all things we try to encourage in our children.

I was nervous about taking my kids to a PG movie that I haven't previewed (this is the first one they've seen that hasn't been filtered), but my apprehension was unfounded. I despise all the bad attitudes, potty humor and sexual innuendo that pervade so many movies aimed at kids, but that was missing in this one for the most part (the sea lion burps once and passes gas once).

When I finished reading the book this morning, Ryan said, "Can I read it now?" and when Daddy asked them after the movie if they wanted to see it again sometime, he said, "Yeah, I want to own it!" I think he liked the story, don't you?


Kristy said...

I'll have to check this out!
Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog - so fun to "meet" someone local.
Your kids are PRECIOUS!
I have to comment on the book you posted, Mistaken Identity - The family who 'thought' their daughter had survived kept a blog that we followed. It was THE most heartbreaking thing when they realized it wasn't her, they were amazing. Then the other family (who thought their daughter had died) took over the blog and again, they were amazing. Amazing Faith. Always giving God the credit, and at the same time grieving for the other family's loss........wow.
Anyway, nice to 'meet' you!
Blessings ~

Kim said...

Yes, they have quite a bit of the actual blog posts in the book, as well as some of the comments that were left. Remarkable story!

a portland granny said...

Well, I am on the list for Mistaken Identity--I am 85 out of 85!! So it will be a while. I realized that I had seen an hour long program on Channel 8 about these families. It was heart wrenching. I will be anxious to read the book, when it finally comes!!

This book you mentioned today is new to me. I think I will have to read it just for fun.

I see Kristy found your blog. I just met her this last week and it turns out she knows my nephew and wife. Its a small world!!

Elliot is going to let me know about the summer schedule which I will share with you when I get it.

Take care


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