Wednesday, May 14

National Foster Care Month

May is National Foster Care Month, and to highlight it I thought I'd make yet another movie recommendation. Have you seen Martian Child? It is a story that is loosely based on true events about a single man who adopts a boy from the foster care system who thinks he is from Mars. It is a heartwarming story that I think you will enjoy. Who knows, maybe it will cause you to consider fostering or even adopting one of the thousands of kids that are waiting for a home. Could God be calling you to take a little "Martian Child" into your heart?


Darcy said...

THAT was a very cute movie. We actually saw it at the theaters. Very good and cute movie.

a portland granny said...

Haven't heard of the movie- I shall order it with netflix and put it on my list. (I only put movies on my list that people recommend)

The foster care thing--been there, done that. 25 in all! Its probably a good thing I'm too old to do it now. I would sure be tempted sometimes, especially babies waiting for a permanent home.

Fostering is very rewarding. I always hear from my first and oldest foster daughter on Mother's Day. She always finds me the most unusual gifts. This year it was a string of fresh water pearls--just beautiful.

Its hard, but rewarding as I've had the blessing of having several of mine stay on after high school and get further training, or in one case, the girl was married from my home. Well.......its a long time ago.....

Hope you made the muffins? We just love them. I have found that baking them at the higher temperature gives a browner crust...and it is important to leave them until they are completly cooked.

Didn't you love Thursday's beautiful day? Wow! It was wonderful!


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