Thursday, May 22


My thoughts and prayers have been with Steven Curtis Chapman and his family today. They suffered a breathtakingly tragic loss yesterday. Their youngest daughter, five-year-old Maria, was struck by a vehicle and died of her injuries. Though he is probably best known as a Christian musician, he has also been a champion for adoption in many ways, setting up Shaohannah's Hope and themselves adopting three little girls from China. They have set up a blog to remember her, for people to share their condolances, and where you can view a cute video of Maria if you so desire.

I know I will give my five-year-old (and six-year-old) an extra hug tonight.

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a portland granny said...

Oh how sad for that family. Accidents happen so fast. Thanks for sharing this. I will have to let my son know as he is familiar with all of the Christian writers and will know of this family I'm sure.

Thanks for stopping by my site. The bride in the post is S. that I wrote you about who lives in your town.

I was going to do just one post on Jon, but then realized it would be far too much for one blog.

Being adoptive parents puts us in a special club of people. We all know how much we are blessed, I think.

I know you feel that way, as do I.



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