Sunday, May 4


I saw this book at Target a month or so ago. It intrigued me, but I'm too cheap frugal to buy books at full price, so I went home and requested it from the library. Since it was brand new, they didn't have the book processed yet, but I was first to request it. I got the book yesterday, and began reading this afternoon. I couldn't put it down and finished it a few minutes ago. If you're looking for a great true life story and don't mind shedding a few tears, I would highly recommend this book! Not only is it an unbelievable story, it was encouraging to see God at work through the families involved and to hear them give Him glory despite unimaginable suffering.


a portland granny said...

As soon as I finish here I'm ordering that book from the library. (I do all my ordering online and they call me when it comes in--wonderful way to get books!)

I can let you know about the re-enactments. They have been as close as Estacada. Usually they are in the Salem areas. I will find out where this next one is being held and let you know.

I'm sure your little boy would love it! noisy, dusty, soldiers everywhere.....I tell you when the cannon goes off, its enough to shake you to the core!


Kim said...

We request books online too and they email me when they're in. I love it, especially since we drive to Mulnomah County to use their library so it's not terribly close to where we live. Do you use the Multnomah County Library system? If so, you may have quite a wait for the book. When I last looked they had only processed three books and there were 82 hold on those three books.

I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did!

Patty said...

Hi Kim, I saw this story on Dateline or one of those magazine programs. It wasn't too long ago either. It was the most amazing story and to have it told by both families..well, it was a tear jerker. I may just reserve it from my library too.

Thanks for sharing about it.I had forgotten that there was a book written.

Blessings, Patty


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