Tuesday, March 28

Downtown Getaway

Ed called me early last week to ask if the kids and I would like a free weekend at a four star hotel downtown. Of course I said, "Sure!" His company moved from the industrial side of Portland to downtown last weekend. When his boss asked him how he was planning on getting it all done (Eddie's the IT Manager), Ed told him that he planned to bring his pillow and basically sleep a few hours on the floor when he could. Later his boss came and told him that they were going to put him up in a hotel and that his family could come too! They also told him to take the whole family out to dinner at the Macaroni Grill (one of my favorite restaurants) sometime during the weekend.

We had two of these comfy beds!

Do you think there are enough pillows?

The kids and I packed up Thursday afternoon and headed downtown to the Marriott. We ended up staying there for four nights instead of just three since the move didn't go quite as quickly as Eddie had hoped. The kids and I had a great time but were ready to come home and left first thing Monday morning. I'm so thankful they allowed us to stay there because during the whole five days we were there, we still were only able to spend about five hours total with him (he did come and sleep a few hours, but not much)! We wouldn't have seen him at all if we hadn't been right up the street.

9:23 pm
They RARELY are up this late!

The hotel was one of the nicest we've ever stayed in (who can afford those prices? Tips alone cost us $25 during our stay!), and I was very impressed with the service, with one exception. On Saturday I stepped on a carpet tack that was sticking through some worn carpet on the threshold leading to the bathroom. No big deal, really. On our way out that morning, I informed the front desk of the hazard, and they assured me they would fix it right away. Well, Sunday morning Abby came bouncing out of the bathroom and landed smack on the same carpet tack. Her foot started bleeding (mine didn't...too much callous, I guess), and I was a little irritated that they hadn't fixed it. So again on our way out I informed the front desk. She too was very unhappy that it hadn't been fixed! It was promptly fixed and they sent up milk and cookies for the kids that evening. Also, they set us up with a Marriott Rewards card and put enough points on it for a free room! So if Ed and I ever have a chance to get away for a night, we now have a free room at a Marriott. Yippee!

9:45 pm


Darcy said...

LOL. I had to laugh at your comment about all the pillows. When we were away this weekend, there were quite a few decorative pillows on our bed as well. And then we went to a home store and was looking at new sheets, bath towels, etc...and we kept commenting on all the display beds and how many pillows they had.

Beth said...

TOO FUN!!! Sounds like you had a great time!

Carol-Ann said...

Your babies are adorable!
I just can't get enough of looking at their sweet little faces! My oh my! I'm sure they wouldn't like to be called "babies" but I can't help it!


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