Monday, March 13

Month 1

It's a success for me just to have stayed on program for a whole month, so it was icing on the cake this morning when I weighed and saw I have lost four pounds this week! I seem unable to get my exercise above three times a week though. This winter wet weather really makes it hard for me to do any more. I want to get outside and walk or ride my bike, not do dull aerobics in the house every day. Whine, whine. I am going to try again to exercise more this week. Maybe if I exercise more I will be thirstier (is that a word?) and will drink more water. I am struggling drinking what I'm "supposed" to drink.

Oh, and hubby lost two pounds. It's so encouraging and helpful to have someone to lose with...much easier than going it alone. Thanks, Eddie, and good job last week!


Steven said...

Keep up the great job! Four pounds is a bunch for the fourth week on program. I've only lost a half pound each of the past two weeks but haven't exercised either. :)

Kim said...

Yeah, I was pretty surprised (pleasantly) by the four pounds, but who know, I may not lose anything this week.

Wow, our scale doesn't even register half pounds. It's great you're keeping to the program though. It's hard to get that exercise in, huh?


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