Thursday, March 9


We got a little unexpected snow this morning. It really wasn't much, but it was enough to get the kids excited and to make the hills near our house look gorgeous. I took the kids for a ride to try to find some more snow. We didn't succeed really, but I stopped the car at Trojan Park and let them get out and play for a few minutes. It was really coming down, and they had a blast. I was amazed to see how a little snow could even make a nuclear power cooling tower look pretty cool! (It's not in use anymore, and they're going to implode it this year...can't wait to watch that!) We may get a little more snow tommorrow and/or the next day. I hope we do. It would be nice to see our yard look pretty instead of a big mud puddle.


Carol-Ann said...

Hi Kim!
Interesting pictures and commentary! My goodness, "implode", you say! If you are able to watch, make sure you have your camera! People who live within view of that thing will feel like a valcano has taken away a mountain! You did a great job of "landscaping"! Is your house a bungalow or a backsplit? It almost seems as if there may be a bit of a hill-drop behind it.

Kim said...

I almost always have my camera!!!

They are closing the area for a half a mile around, but maybe we can see it from the Washington side (it's right on the Columbia River) or up on a hill. My dh plans to take the day off so we can see it if possible.

Hmmm...I'm not sure what a bungalow or backsplit are. It's just a ranch-style house on a 10,00 square-foot fairly level lot. The house behind us are a little lower, as are the next couple of blocks. The neighborhood slopes down toward the Columbia River. I can actually see a teensy piece of it from our back window! LOL.

Margaret said...

You're happy to get snow, I'm happy the snow outside my house is melting. The sun shined here today and I was amazed!


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