Monday, March 20

Week 5

Well, it was a crazy week, but I still managed to lose one pound. I didn't eat all my points, so between that and losing four last week, I didn't really expect a big loss. Hubby lost three pounds! He's doing a great job despite having a chaotic schedule to keep and needing to eat out quite a bit.


Darcy said...

Man, you guys are doing great!

I'm going to head back to meetings next Tuesday. No since in going today when we're going away this weekend....I want to enjoy whereever we end up for meals...afterall there'll be no kids. So I want to fully enjoy. LOL.

Kim said...

Yeah, Ed's boss told him to take the family out to Macaroni Grill on the company this weekend, so I am going to need to save every Flexpoint I can!

Darcy said...

Oh for sure! Have a great time in the hotel!!!

Sheryl said...

Hi Kim,
I linked to you from Carol-Ann. I'm a lifetime member of WW. But I'm back to counting points. It would be easier to accept if it was self inflicted (I was on steriods for asthma).. But great loss and exercise three times a week with small children is great! I find drinking the water is a must for me. I think it helps keep me full too! Good Luck!


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