Monday, March 6

Week 3

Despite a difficult night on Saturday in which dh and I ate almost all of our flexpoints for the week (good thing we hadn't eaten them during the week) in addition to our points for the day, we still lost weight! We both lost two pounds. I didn't exercise more like I had wanted to, but there's always this week to try again. As a matter of fact, I got off to a good start this morning. I put the kids in the bike trailer, and we rode to the library for storytime instead of driving. It's only about three miles round trip, but considering we had a pretty stiff headwind and I was pulling about 90 pounds behind me, I felt pretty good about my workout.


Beth said...

CONGRATS on the loss and the exercise...we are starting this week at our house!

Carol-Ann said...

Hi Kim!
I arrived here from a comment you left on Olivia's blog -- I was so surprised to see you are in Beaverton. I really have not read much here yet ... just a quick skim through because the word "adopt" also caught my eye! But then I noticed somewhere that you have recently been church hunting! I'm a very long distance away -- Eastern Canada! -- but recently, while visiting friends of ours in Beaverton, I was able to observe their church. If you haven't been there, it is really worth taking a look! Here's their website: Solid Rock Fellowship. Good, solid, Biblical teaching every service and a great, friendly bunch of people.

Carol-Ann said...

Hi again!
I was at my computer when your comment on my blog came in to my email! SO you moved FROM Beaverton, did ya! This has been a fun little interaction anyway! You have two very precious little children there! Wow! I'm sure they do bring you "so much joy"!


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