Sunday, September 10

Fall Cleaning

We are taking a two-week break from school, so I decided to get some bigger household projects done this week.

Monday - Even though it was Labor Day, hubby worked and took Ryan with him. So I decided to clean our shower. We have harder water here than in our last home, and I have been frustrated by keeping the shower looking nice. I think I finally discovered a product that will clean the hard water off of the chrome without damaging it and without me scrubbing for hours! I also did some organizing and decluttering.

Tuesday - Pulled out stove and cleaned underneath, also leveled it so my liquids don't all run to one side (my back is still hurting...should have waited and had help). Finished unpacking books since we stilleight boxes left unpacked. Ed brought home some battered old bookcases from work a while ago, so I cleaned them up as best I could, brought them into the office and started organizing books. It took all day, but at last our office has no unpacked boxes in it! We still have two boxes of books left that didn't fit, but I put them in the garage until we are able to get more bookcases.

Wednesday - I washed windows, sliding glass doors and all their screens. I have only done this once since we moved in. The last time I did it, I spent an entire day cleaning off concrete and some paint from the construction, and then within minutes of me standing back to admire them, Abby turned on the hose and squirted all the back windows. Sigh. After that the wind blew and since we don't have grass, they were covered in dirt. I haven't got back to it since. But now they are least until the next rain or wind storm. I also vacuumed all carpet in the house (two bedrooms and master closet) and the living room rug, then organized kids' closets, getting rid of some things they don't play with anymore and clothes that no longer fit.

Thursday - Pulled out the refrigerator and cleaned behind it as well as cleaned it inside and out. Mopped our entire "hardwood floor" (it's really laminate, but it looks like hardwood) on my hands and knees because there were still tiny flecks of paint that the mop just hadn't been picking up. I mop the kitchen and dining room fairly regularly, but our living room, halls, entry, office and master bedroom have hardwoods too, and I don't do those very often (in fact, I've never mopped the office or bedroom before because sweeping seems to be enough and they just never look's great). I also vacuumed all living room furniture and dusted, including ceiling fan, chandelier, and recessed lighting in the house.

Friday - I had planned to clean both bathrooms, including the tub in the kids' room, pull out the washer and dryer and clean under them, mop the laundry room and both bathrooms. However, I was so sore from the previous four days' work that I just couldn't work up the energy to do it. I am planning on doing it tomorrow instead. Today all I managed to do was wash bedding and other regular laundry.

Saturday - Abby woke up this morning and told me she was tired! I didn't think a whole lot about it, but then she started to get a fever which eventually got up to 104 degrees. So instead of cleaning, I spent the day on the couch holding my baby and watching endless children's DVDs. This is a great example of "Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today!" I wish I had pushed myself to get this last part of my list done.

Sunday - Daddy took Ryan to church while Mommy and Abby had a repeat of yesterday. She doesn't appear to have any other symptoms, so I am suspecting an ear infection. She says her ears don't hurt, but tomorrow we're off to the doctor if the fever's not gone.

I had hoped to have all my fall cleaning done before hubby's vacation and our new homeschool year begins on the 18th, but I'll just finish the last few things whenever I am able to. C'est la Vie!


DebbieLynne said...

How's Abby today? Hope the fever broke.

Kim said...

Abby still has a fever today. If she's not better tomorrow then they are going to run some blood tests. Thanks. We are dealing with another issue right now too. The Short Story

The Long Story


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