Tuesday, September 26

Praying for Them

I have been mulling this scene over in my heart and mind for the last several days. We walked into the pediatric hematologist/oncologist's office last week with renewed optimism because Abigail awoke with a normal temperature after 12 days of having unexplained high fevers. It's not an office I ever wanted to be visiting, but in short order we were blessed to be given assurances that she has no signs of a malignancy or leukemia or anything like that. Grateful, relieved, overjoyed...all the emotions I experienced as we were given that wonderful news.

However, underneath my elation there was such a heaviness for the families I saw there. Precious little ones undergoing chemo and other unspeakable things. Abby was the only child in the office with hair, except for the darling one-month old boy who was clearly the love of his Mommy's life. What in the world was he doing there?! I was keenly aware of those in adjacent rooms who didn't have the luxury of leaving that office with a smile of relief.

Do they know the Lord? If not, how do they cope? Where is their rock and shelter from the storm? I have been praying for these families whose faces are now burned on my mind. Mostly I pray that they will come to know the Lord and have strength. From my vantage point it's easy to say this and pray this, but I have been praying they would also come to know that He is good all the time.

"He will cover you with His pinions, and under His wings you may seek refuge." Psalm 91:4a


Wendy said...

Once again, a very touching post that will cause me to hug my children a little longer tonight.

Darcy said...

I totally understand.

I am often reminded how grateful I am that "all" Rachel has has been her birth defect. Often times when we go to Speech on Wednesdays, there is another pediatric speciality clinic going on, last week it was the neurology clinic. How thankful I was that Rachel is running, walking, talking, eating on her own. Many times saying a quick prayer of thanksgiving and a prayer for that child and the family.

Other times I am reminded while at Disneyland when I see these children in wheelchairs. Again, saying a quick prayer for those children.

Kim said...

I'm grateful Rachel's doing so well and walking, running, etc. too!

When Abby was having PT and/or OT, there were lots of head injury patients there also. In addition to making me grateful, it also made me a big proponent of bike helmets! Most of the injuries were kids who weren't wearing one and had a severe crash or were hit by a car.


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