Sunday, February 1

Daddy took Ryan to work with him yesterday, so it was just Abby and me at home. I had considered doing our taxes, but Daddy encouraged me to go do something fun with Abigail instead. I'm glad he did. We had a fun day together! We went to Starbucks and to Walmart for some coffee, hot chocolate and donuts for breakfast. Then we drove over to our paint-your-own ceramics place. We went last year to make some Christmas presents for the grandparents, but Abby (and Ryan!) has been wanting to come back and paint something for themselves, so that's what we did. Abby picked out a cute little horse and got to work. She did an excellent job, and I can't wait to see how it turns out!

After painting her horse, she wanted to go to Subway for lunch, but I managed to talk her into Quizno's instead (tastes better and I had a coupon!). After lunch we came home and played with her elephants for a while before putting a movie on to watch. It was a nice girls day out for both of us!

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Darcy said...

She did a great job at painting that horse!


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