Wednesday, February 18


On February 14, 1859, President James Buchanan signed a bill that admitted Oregon as the thirty-third state in the union. So last weekend there was a big sesquicentennial (150 years) birthday bash at the capitol in Salem.

Abigail had another birthday party she really wanted to attend, so we didn't get to go as a family. Abby and I stayed home, while Daddy and Ryan drove to Salem to enjoy the festivities. After I saw the pictures of the crowd that was there, I was actually glad I didn't get to go. I'm just not a crowd person.

While Daddy was waiting in line, Ryan spent his time climbing trees. Once they were inside the building, they explored the capitol building some. Ryan even got to have his picture taken with Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski. Oregon is still so "small town" in so many ways.

Of course the really exciting person he met was Smokey Bear! I'm not sure what Smokey has to do with Oregon's birthday though.

Ryan also got to do some crafts. He made a hand-dipped candle...

...and a paper quilt square, among other things.

The line to get a piece of cake (and for hot dogs) was way too long for Daddy, but they did get some free Umpqua ice cream (I'm guessing if it had been Tillamook instead, that line would have been too long also!).

Daddy and son had a nice day together, and hopefully Ryan will always remember when he went to Oregon's 150th birthday party.

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