Sunday, February 8


I know people say things like this all the time, but "I can't believe my son is seven!" He had a very nice birthday, and he is enjoying his new gifts.

He wanted a plain chocolate cake with just his name and the number seven on it, so that's what he got. He made it easy for me this year!

I had to take a video of him opening his gift from Granpa because it was a rather extravagant one. We told Granpa it was okay as long as it could be for both Abby and Ryan for their birthdays. It was kind of funny when he opened it because he had no clue what it was. We don't watch television, so he hasn't seen any ads for it, nor do we have any friends who have one. However, now that he was played it, he loves it! In fact, we all are having a great time with it.


Darcy said...

Very cool! They are fun! Be careful with the bowling and the boxing, Steven and I almost threw our shoulders out when we first boxed each other...LOL.

a portland granny said...

I guessed it was a WI! I have been thinking about getting one with exercises! LOL--I can hardly do the ones I am supposed to do!

Sounds like a wonderful birthday celebration for Ryan! Your little video came out with only the top left hand square of the video showing. The sound came through great. I think it is my Mac and its touchiness with other computers.

Have fun with your new toy!

Kim said...

Yeah, I have heard about Wii injuries, so we're being careful! In fact, the kids' swim instructor is going to have shoulder surgery soon because of a Wii injury.

Joan, I hope your back is doing better! I haven't heard of my other Mac users having trouble with my videos, but I'll ask and see.


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