Friday, February 6

Happy Birthday, Pumpkin!

He's seven today and so excited! We are actually celebrating tomorrow, but he got the day off from school and he helped me make his cake this afternoon.

A couple of weeks ago he told me he had a list of what he wanted to do for his birthday:

Orange Rolls for breakfast
Open presents
Play with presents
Noodle soup for lunch
Red Robin for dinner
Home for cake and ice cream
Watch a movie (at home)

Since we don't have parties every year, we usually let them decide what they want to do (within reason), but this was the first time he has prepared a list ahead of time!


Darcy said...

Happy Birthday, Ryan! That's a great list!

We mailed a package this past Monday, so hopefully it got there today, or will tomorrow!

DebbieLynne said...

Wasn't it just yesterday that Ed was flooding my hard-drive with Ryan's baby pictures? Wow! He's growing so fast!

a portland granny said...

Happy Birthday Ryan. I hope to get to meet you one of these days very soon. Looks like a great cake in the making! Hope the day was fun for all of you.


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