Monday, February 2

Unique Birthday Present

We are trying to give our kids a vision and heart for the world and to broaden their view of life outside of our own little community, our own state, and our own country. I desperately want them to know how spectacularly blessed we are compared to the rest of the world and that as followers of Christ we have the joy of blessing others in His name and for His glory.

Realistically, I know that this will take a work of God in their hearts, but while I'm praying for that I wanted to find a way to make it real to them. So for Ryan's birthday we decided to sponsor a child on his behalf through Compassion International. I did a search for boys born in February 2002 and then let Ryan choose the one he thought we should sponsor. He chose Ravi, a little boy who is just one day older than he is. Ravi lives in India with his parents and two siblings.

I wasn't sure how this "present" would be received, but I was happy to see how thrilled he was! During school for writing last week, he wrote his first letter to Ravi, and he is looking forward to receiving one back. I was also encouraged because when I told Ryan I was going to send Ravi some money for his birthday, he brought me some of his own money to send as well!


a portland granny said...

What a wonderful idea! Tell Ryan his writing looks marvelous. I like his spacing and his placement of his letters! Good job!

I don't how I missed your last three posts as I have the websites I visit set up to show when there is a new post--Love Abby's horse. I hope you will post a picture after it comes out of the kiln!

Tomorrow I have a huge assessment on my back at a special clinic in Beaverton. My appointment is from 10-3:30!! After that is over, I'm hoping to have a schedule that will allow some fun. I'm finished with my cards, they are all in the mail, and I'm anxious by next week to plan some visiting!

Have a good week=end.

Darcy said...

That's a neat idea to involve Ryan.


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