Tuesday, July 22

For the Love of Kids

I am not a beach lover. Walking along the beach is enjoyable, watching the sun set over the ocean is lovely, finding beach glass or interesting shells is exciting, and who isn't mesmerized watching the never ending crash of the surf for a while, but that's about all the positives I can muster up about going to the beach. When I am there I am in awe of God's power and how He never stops sending the tides in and out, but after a short time, I'm ready to go.

In the span of about 20 minutes, my blanket all but
disappeared under a coat of blown sand!

I know many people who just can't fathom how anyone couldn't love the beach! Well, the sand irritates me, especially if it's blowing in my face. I grew up where it was very windy almost every day, and I grew to really dislike the wind. It seems like the wind is always blowing at the beach, at least the ones here in Oregon. I am also not fond of noise, even "white noise." I guess most people are lulled to sleep by the roar of the ocean, but I just want to run away and find someplace quiet!

Twin Rocks near Rockaway Beach.

Like most kids (and apparently adults), mine love the beach! So when Ryan wanted to go to the beach for his special day, I pushed aside my reservations and cheerfully agreed (I think I was pretty cheerful about it, anyway). We spent hours on the beach, which in addition to all the things I listed above, was also pretty chilly. The first day the temp was 68 degrees, but the next day it was in the mid 70s, though you'd never know it because of the wind. It was blowing off the ocean and made it feel more like it was in the 50s.

I really did have a good time during our beach camping trip, though I would never have chosen it if it wasn't for the love of my kids (a week later I am still finding sand in unusual places). Next family camping trip: Timothy Lake in the Mt. Hood National Forest, definitely more to my liking!

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