Thursday, July 3

Nostalgic Ice Cream

With summer finally feeling like it's here in the Pacific Northwest, we decided to try out the local ice cream place. It's been around for about 50 years and reminded us a lot of Jerry's, a favorite place we would go during our summers in Memphis. The kids thought it was great fun, and the grown-ups enjoyed it too, especially reminiscing about our trips to Jerry's.

Abby sporting her most recent black eye.

Jerry's Sno-Cones & Car Wash was just around the corner from our house in Memphis. We loved the place! If I remember correctly, it was only open in the summer, but it was so much fun to walk down there and get one of their dozens of different flavored sno-cones, milkshakes, or other frozen treats. It was tiny, and you could wait in a long line during the hottest summer months, but it was worth the wait.

Jerry's Sno-Cone & Car Wash - Memphis, TN

One of our favorite memories is being there with a group of friends from church and watching the now-famous white Bronco O.J. Simpson chase on the tiny television inside of Jerry's. We couldn't hear the television, but were all huddled around trying to see and every time they would mix a shake the screen would scramble and we couldn't see what was happening. Finally, the employees got tired of it (tired of us?) and shut it off, so we all had to go home and watch the rest on TV. Ah, memories! Oh, and we never did try out the car wash.

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Ed said...

Another bit of trivia about Jerry's is that Jerry's was not the original name, though I do not know what it was. It was renamed and painted the bright colors for the movie "Great Balls of Fire" which is a biographical movie about Jerry Lee Lewis.


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