Friday, July 25

Fun in the City

Last Friday we had an errand to run downtown, so we picked Daddy up from work and were going to go do our errand. However, there was a sand scuplting competition going on in Pioneer Courthouse Square, so we decided to check it out.

In fact, Ed's company was partnering with Regence Blue Cross on a sculpture and some of his coworkers were working on the scuplture. The event benefits a children's charity, and there were quite a few entries.

His company's submission was called An Apple a Day Keeps
the Doctor Away
, and it won the Judge's Choice award.

Most of the scupltures had kid themes, but my favorite was one with an Olympic theme that featured the Great Wall of China. I loved the dribble trees all over the mountains.

It was a fun activity, and the kids were thrilled because they got balloons. In fact, then ended up with two each, one for each time we were there. When we first arrived the judging was going on and we couldn't up close to the sculptures, so we left and ran our errand, had dinner, and came back later. The second time we were able to walk up close to the scupltures and spend time looking at them, as well as see which ones won which awards.

Ryan's favorite was this bulldozer.

Abby's favorite.

As we were walking back to our parking spot, we had to stop and watch them constructing the pilings for what will one day be the tallest building in Portland. Ryan is still very interested in construction machinery, so it was fun to watch them dig the holes with huge augers, pour concrete with the pumper trucks, and move large objects with the cranes.

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Darcy said...

I've always, always wanted to go to a sand sculpting contest. You'd think, only living an hour from the coast, there would be some. If they are, they aren't widely publicized.


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