Monday, July 28

Guys Weekend

Ryan and Daddy has their first guys camping trip last weekend. They were originally going to be fishing with another father and son, but when that got cancelled, they decided to go on Ed's company's annual campout instead.

Obviously, I wasn't there and will mostly let the pictures speak for themselves. It looks like they had a lot of fun! This little girl is Ed's boss's daughter. Her name is Eva, and apparently they hit it off very well. Ed says he spent most of the first day having her call him Wall-E.

Daddy managed to do some fishing, though not in the canoe as he has hoped. Apparently Ryan is now terrified of it (for reasons unknown to his parents!) and wouldn't set foot in it. I guess the raft isn't as scary to him as the canoe because we have quite a few pictures of him in it...most of them with Eva.

They did some geocaching at the nearby lava flow and even saw these neat rock paintings done by Native Americans long ago.

Wow, that's a gorgeous valley! I'm not a fan of the desert, but this spot would almost make you forget you're in the desert.

They found a patch of snow to play in. I'm guessing that's pretty unusual for the middle of July, but it's been a very mild summer here.

Ed tells me Ryan was in his glory with all these little kids to lead around and get to do his bidding! Thankfully, he was well behaved most of the weekend and didn't get into any scrapes with the other kids (or adults).

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Darcy said...

Kudso to Ed for the great pictures for blogging purposes! Oh wait, how'd you get pics of Abby's day with you and pics of the campout??? LOL.


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