Monday, July 21

Three Years

It has been three years today since I first began blogging. I waver back and forth about continuing since I often lack the time to post the things I want to, but my blogs have become such a resource for me that I've decided to just keep on blogging despite my sporadic posting. Some is better than none! Even if no one else reads them, I can't count the times I've looked back through my posts to find a piece of information or a date when something happened.

However, I have decided to make a significant change in the way I blog. I am going to try combining Ryan's and Abby's blog into this one. I think telling the story once instead of two or three times might help me keep up better. I will keep their blogs up and may occasionally add a post, but for the most part they will be just archives (or for a backup plan if I decide I don't like having them combined afterall!).

For those of you who have persevered in reading my blogs over the years, thanks so much for visiting! Your comments have been encouraging, and even those of you who don't comment, I always like to see your visit show up on my site meter!

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Amy Crane said...

Here's a cross-continental Helloooooo, Kim!

I often wonder how people have time to write/read blogs. I'm a non-blogger myself, but a little birdie sent me a link to your site.

Those are some right fine lookin' youngin's you've got there. Ok, enough of the southern accent. Once a yankee, always a yankee!

That little birdie's got my email address for you. We're "linkedin" to each other now. Don't ask me about that either. I don't really "link" - who has time?

Mostly I chase myself around trying to catch my tail. What else would I do with 4 teens?

I guess we'd better catch up by phone cuz I'm writing a book when I meant to say a quick "helloooo".

Talk soon?
Your "Out of Egypt" friend, Amy


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