Saturday, July 5

How Was Your 4th?

We made these cute shirts last year but when I washed them the fabric paint
all came off, so we tried again this year hoping they will last better.

Before arriving at our destination for the 4th of July celebration, we did a few geocaches. We haven't been doing much this year, and it was fun to get back to it. The kids especially liked this cache site and had a blast climbing all over the rocks.

Some friends of ours that we met long ago when we lived in Memphis invited us to spend the day with them. We spent the 4th with them last year and were so happy they invited us back again this year. Their kids are fully grown, but they were there along with their friends. It was an added bonus that one of their friends played with Ryan and Abby for hours rough-housing and goofing off. He even spent quite a bit of time scouring the grass looking for tiny flowers just to please Abigail!

We grilled out, played games and just generally had some nice fellowship. At long last it was dark enough to finally light a few fireworks before calling it a night and driving home. We left at about 10:45 and there were still area fireworks shows going off till the finales at 11:00 (it gets dark LATE here!), so we enjoyed those as we made our hour and 15 minute drive home.

(Once we arrived at our friends' house, I completely forgot about my camera and only got a couple of pictures.)


DebbieLynne said...

Glad you all had such fun.

Beth said...

Looks like you had a blast! We had a huge BBQ here with all of David's family and watched the local display at Elk Grove Park.

THEN came home and the kids did "poppies" and sparklers.

Everyone slept late the next day! LOL!

Beth said...

Hey, Kim...I notice that your pics are x'ed out this a widespread blogger issue? Got up this morning and all 6 of my blogs (some under my other kids accounts, but that I maintain) are messed up. Just curious 'cause you are my computer savvy friend! My email is motherof766@yahoo if you want to reply that way!

Love you!

a portland granny said...

Sounds like a great fourth. Darling pictures of your kids! Arent' they fun? I have a page about a reinactment that Elliot, my grandson, is going to attend. I thought you might be interested in the details.

Hope to see you soon!!


Kim said...

Thanks so much, Joan! I put it on my calendar.


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