Thursday, April 9

45 Minutes

There are lots of ways to spend 45 minutes of one's time, but digging impacted tissue paper out of my daughter's sinus cavity wasn't on my short list today. Still, there are worse ways to fritter away time, like sitting in urgent care for hours on end and watching a health care practitioner dig tissue paper out of my daughter's sinus cavity. Thankfully, I was able to skip urgent care as I successfully extracted the disgusting wad after 45 minutes of praying and tweezing and digging and praying some more.

If I had had the presence of mind to think of it, I would have had Ryan take a picture of the procedure. I'm sure Abby and I made a comical picture as I sat on the toilet, tweezers in hand with my son's survival gear headlamp strapped to my forehead and Abby sitting on my knee with her head rested against the wall, nostril stretched wide open!


a portland granny said...

Oh the joys of parenting!! Wonder what she was stashing it away for??!

I guess we have all had experiences with strange things up the nose! Glad you discovered it before it began to rot--we had that experience once with some foam--The smell was terrible and we never could figure out where it was coming from, but that toddler had a strange odor!! The doctor was the one who discovered the source of the odor!! Those are things you remember always!!

Kim said...

I asked her what she was thinking, and she said she was just "playing," whatever that means. It probably wouldn't have been so far up her nose but she decided to try to get it out herself and got a Q-tip...need I say more? LOL.

Brea Snyder said...

Oh My...I put a peice of napkin in my ear and had to go to the doctor to get it removed when I was Abby's age. LOL...glad everything is better.


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