Tuesday, April 21

Fundraising Champion

Salesmanship is not my thing. I'd rather eat rocks than have to go door to door selling something. When we had the choice to either buy out the fundraising portion of the baseball fees for $30, I wanted to jump at it, but hubby said we should see if Ryan wanted to do fundraising or if he wanted to earn the $30 himself. Ryan chose fundraising.

Of course hubby said he would take him so I wouldn't have to do it, but guess who was conveniently working the weekend we needed to take him door to door? Thankfully I was rescued by poor weather after just a few houses, so Daddy took over the next day.

We discovered that we have an incredibly generous neighborhood! Apparently I'm the only cheapskate on the block. Ryan was told he would probably only sell to about one out of every ten people he asked, but in fact he was only told no by about five people! Though he only needed to sell five items, he wanted to keep selling so he could earn some money. Would you believe the little squirt was the fourth best seller in the whole league!? He didn't even ask around our church either. I was stunned.

We had Ryan do all the selling while we just stood back at the sidewalk. Apparently, he did a good job. It was quite a chore delivering all the items once we picked them up, but we finally got it all done. Ryan is $10 richer and also won a small prize for his all his fundraising.

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Darcy said...

WOW! I love this last picture of the lady with babe in arms and him selling.

Good Job Ryan! I'd rather pitch in the money too if it means asking strangers


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