Thursday, April 16

Still Here

I'm still here.

With Easter, my daughter's birthday, my mom visiting, church responsibilities, homeschooling, and plain old life, I've not found time to do any blogging lately. I have a bunch of posts backed up waiting for photos and such, but I may or may not get them done (who wants to read old news, eh?).

Today, I'll just confess my latest crime: I became a right-wing extremist this week. I didn't know I was doing it. I didn't feel any different nor did I recently adopt any new and radical opinions, but apparently if you think the Constitution is a document worth defending and abiding by, if you want to keep the money you earn and not have it confiscated by the government, and you have the audacity to actually do something wild and crazy like join thousands of others dumping two-year old tea into an already polluted river, you are a right-wing extremist! So be it.

You know, I guess I did see some pretty extreme behavior. I saw grown men crying as they sang the national anthem, I participated in public prayer, I even saw people put their hands over their hearts and look at the flag as they said the Pledge of Allegiance!

"Unheard of, unthinkable!"

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a portland granny said...

Good for you! I watched the coverage on Fox news, since the mainstream media did not cover it properly, and I was excited to see so many people turn out!! It was uplifting and the crowd at the Alamo in Texas was just plain inspiring!! 40,000 turned out there! Talk to you soon.


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