Thursday, April 2

Very Useful Search Engine

Have you ever needed to search the internet by image instead of by words? I have, and I found the coolest search engine this week. It's called TinEye, and you either upload an image or type in a URL where the image is found and hit the search button. It searches their database and gives you all the websites where this image can be found!

I needed to find the name and artist of this odd painting the other day, and in a matter of seconds TinEye had numerous websites I could visit, many of which gave the information I was looking for. Very cool!

This is a fairly new site and their database is still relatively small, but I have found almost every image I was looking for.

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a portland granny said...

What a wonderful thing to know about. I wonder if it will work on the Mac. I can see how helpful it would be in teaching and for those still writing long papers. I must share this info with Nick!!

When are you coming over for a card day or night?? Would love to have you.


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