Saturday, April 18

Gramie Visits

My mom came for a visit, and that is always cause for great excitement for Ryan and Abby. They could hardly contain themselves as we waited at the airport! One time a few years ago we made these cute signs that said "Gramie" on them and the kids held them as we waited for her at the airport. Even though the joke isn't nearly as funny the fifth time around, the kids think we need to do it every time she comes, so here they are holding up the signs for her.

We crammed a lot into the week she was here. We celebrated Abby's birthday, went to the zoo, celebrated Easter, went to the Children's Museum, and Mommy and Daddy got a couple of nights out alone too.

It's been years since we've been to the Children's Museum, but last summer the kids earned free tickets during the summer reading program. I had completely forgotten about them but found them when I was cleaning out my purse last month. I decided to save them and go when my mom was here so she could enjoy it with us.

The kids had so much fun playing in the waterworks, playing shopkeeper and ambulance driver, and even putting on a play for us.

One of the fun things my mom and I did together was make these adorable cupcake bites that I saw on Bakerella a while back. I've been wanting to make them, but it's so much more fun doing things like that with other people. So I gathered the supplies and made them with my mom. I don't think she enjoyed it as much as I did, but she agreed they turned out very cute. We ate some, gave some away, and shared some with Abby's Sunday school class.

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Darcy said...

I saw those bites and they are adorable!

Making those kinds of things are right up your Mom's alley, so I would be surprised if she didn't enjoy it as much as you.

These turned out cute!


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