Thursday, April 16

Children's Museum

Last year Ryan and Abby both earned free tickets to our local children's museum during the summer reading program, but somewhere along the line, I forgot that we had them. As I was cleaning out my purse a month ago, I ran across them and was glad to see they hadn't expired yet!

While my mom was here, I decided to take her and the kids to the musuem for the day. It had been years since the last time we went, so it was like a brand new experience for Ryan and especially Abby.

They played the most in the waterworks exhibit and were pretty wet by the end despite wearing the smocks that were provided.

They added a stage since the last time we were there, and Abby loved it! There were costumes, props, musical instruments, and even a sound board where you could play sound effects like thunder or the sound of slipping on a banana peel (like in a cartoon). Abby wanted to sing one of her own songs, and when she started singing, all the kids and parents in the room quieted down and listened to her! It was really kind of neat because she was singing a song she had made up about the Lord and everyone was listening to her.

Then they played in the play store and doctor's office for a while before going back to the waterworks.

Lastly, as we were leaving the museum, we found the special Bob the Builder exhibit. It was a little juvenile for our kids, but they had fun nonetheless. Ryan would have loved it two years ago!

We had a good day and we enjoyed it, but I was reminded why we haven't been in a couple of years. Unless we have free tickets, it's really not worth the price to get in to the museum, in my humble opinion (what's up with charging admission for parents who just follow the kids around the whole time?).

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