Sunday, April 12

Abby's Sixth Birthday

Abby has been so excited about turning six! She also thought it was pretty neat that her birthday fell on Easter Sunday this year.

She didn't have any special requests for her cake this year, so I kept it simple. I'm not much of a decorator, but it turned out pretty cute. Abby was just happy to have six candles!

Since Easter was going to be a full day by itself, we let Abby open her presents on Saturday instead. She was thrilled to get a dress with a matching dress for her doll. She got some much-needed clothes, and a couple of games too, but what she was most excited about was a miniature Build-a-Bear with several outfits to go with it.

I had been debating about giving Abby a full-blown party this year, but she is really struggling the last couple of months so I decided to wait another year. However, since we don't have parties, we usually let the kids pick where they want to eat and a special activity. Abby chose going to the beach, but we convinced her it would be way too cold, so we did the zoo instead. She also chose the usual birthday restaurant, Red Robin. It's always nice to go there because both kids like the food and Mommy and Daddy do too.

Because we got home fairly late, Abby didn't get to blow out her candles Saturday. But Sunday evening after our Easter dinner had settled, Abby finally got to make her wish and blow out her candles.

I had originally wanted to make these adorable cupcake bites to bring to Abby's Sunday school class on her birthday, but then I was told we don't have Sunday school on Easter Sunday. (I'm only the Children's Ministry Coordinator; how am I supposed to know?!) Anyway, my mom and I made them anyway, and I brought them the next Sunday to share with her class. They were adorable and a bit hit!

I tried to make these cute cupcake pops but couldn't find yellow candy melts anywhere. Instead I tried to color white almond bark with food coloring, but it messed with the consistency somehow. We made a few of the chicks but then gave up and stuck with the cupcake bites. (To see what they were supposed to look like, click here.)

Well, our little girl is another year older, and she had a full birthday week! I can't believe how fast six years have gone by.

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