Saturday, March 28

Rainy Days

We have had a lot of rainy days lately...seriously, a lot! By this time of year I have exhausted my limited creativity and meager supply of indoor activity ideas. But this week was yet another rainy one, so I had to come up with something. Friday I looked into my magic box and found a wood kit for Ryan to paint and assemble (I've got to remember to stock up on more of these for the next rainy season!), which kept him busy for over an hour.

Abby is easier: I pulled out some fancy scissors (normally off limits to her), some construction paper and a glue stick. She was happy as a clam cutting and pasting and making a huge mess for almost an hour.


a portland granny said...

You busy little bees did some great creating. The rain is dreary, isn't it. I'm getting tired of it. I was thankful that Thursday and Friday it held off, for the sightseeing we did!

Darcy said...

There are some new games coming in a package for Abby's birthday, hopefully those will help on Rainy Days. Hannah and Rachel BOTH love playing the one game we've sent. LOL.


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