Wednesday, March 4

Wise Words

I have been getting Elisabeth Elliot's devotions emailed to my inbox every day for about four years now. They repeat every year, and I've read them all multiple times. Though I currently don't read each and every one, I do check the topic and read the ones I think will be pertinent to me on that day. Yesterday's devotion was just what I needed...again:

God's Help for God's Assignment

Sometimes a task we have begun takes on seemingly crushing size, and we wonder what ever gave us the notion that we could accomplish it. There is no way out, no way around it, and yet we cannot contemplate actually carrying it through. The rearing of children or the writing of a book are illustrations that come to mind. Let us recall that the task is a divinely appointed one, and divine aid is therefore to be expected. Expect it! Ask for it, wait for it, believe that God gives it. Offer to Him the job itself, along with your fears and misgivings about it. He will not fail or be discouraged. Let his courage encourage you. The day will come when the task will be finished. Trust Him for it.

"For the Lord God will help me; therefore shall I not be confounded, therefore have I set my face like a flint, and I know that I shall not be ashamed" (Is 50:7 AV).

Timely words for this weary mom raising and homeschooling a special needs child!

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