Tuesday, March 10

Climate Change

We have had a very unusual winter this year. One minute spring is bursting out all over, the birds are singing and the trees and flowers are blooming, and the next minute we're huddling inside watching snow, hail, and freezing rain fall!

The last three days we have awakened to snow on the ground, just a dusting, but snow nonetheless. Yesterday it snowed off and on all day, though it never did accumulate. At the last minute Ryan's baseball practice got cancelled, and I was one grateful Mommy for that decision!


a portland granny said...

We had hail off and on all day yesterday and the biggest snowflakes in between. Brrrr, its plain cold and miserable!

The pretzels look wonderful. I looked at the recipe and couldn't believe how much baking soda in them!

Sounds like a fun project, with wonderful results!

Kim said...

LOL...actually, the baking soda isn't in the pretzels. You add the soda to boiling water and dip each pretzel into the water for 30 seconds. I'm not sure what this does exactly, but next time I will be sure to flip them over halfway through because I think they would have turned out better if I had done that.


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