Friday, March 13

International Day

Our homeschool group meets once a month for some specific purpose. We've done Action Packs for Voice of the Martyrs, Presentation Days, Valentine's Day party, etc. This month is International Day where each family picks a country and does a presentation on it, complete with costume and food. This is the first year we've participated, and it has been so much fun!

We chose India so that we could learn more about the country where Ravi lives, Ryan's Compassion International child. For the last month we've tailored all of our school activities around India. We've read stories (Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, Little Babaji, etc.) set in India, we've done writing assignments on India, learned about famous missionaries to India (Amy Carmichael is my favorite!), made art projects about India, and we've talked about and prayed for the people of India. While our study has been very basic, I have learned a lot (hopefully the kids have too) and it has been great for the whole family.

Interesting snippet about India: Did you know that the apostle Thomas is said to have been the first person to bring the gospel to India? How sad that now it is only comprised of two percent Christians.

Ryan and Abigial both worked on flags, and maps, and colored a picture of the Taj Majal. Ryan wrote a page on India's demographics, and together we put together a tri-fold board for the presentation.

Abby loved looking through the India picture book we got from the library, and the pictures of the Taj Mahal were some of her favorites. They both did such a great job coloring the Taj Mahal picture, though they have completely different styles.



I have been impressed with how much effort they have put into this report. In fact, as we were finishing up this week, I asked Ryan if he first wanted to finish an art project we had started or finish his India project, and to my surprise he actually wanted to work on the India project first!

We had to bring some food from our chosen country as well, and I decided to keep it simple and bring some Naan, an Indian flatbread. It is incredibly easy to make (just four ingredients!) and tastes pretty good too.

Kids always enjoy rolling out dough, and then watching it puff up in the oven was cool. We spread some butter on it, but it was good just plain too. It must have been a hit at the homeschool group too because we left there with our basket empty.

I made Abby a simple Indian sari for our costume, and she looked very pretty all dressed up. She had two small speaking parts, and she did very well. Mostly I was proud of how she stood so still during Ryan's speaking as she had a hard time with that during our practice.

When the coordinator asked if there was anyone who wanted to go first, both Ryan and Abby shot their hands up and volunteered. When I asked later why he wanted to go first, he said he wanted to get it over with because he was a little nervous. I was surprised to hear he was nervous because he did a fantastic job, only forgetting one small part that we had practiced!

Daddy worked from home today so he could come and see their presentation, and we were both very proud of them. They did even better than when we had practiced at home, and even though I am biased, I think it's fair to say they did one of the best reports of the day!

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a portland granny said...

What an impressive looking report! Congratulations, Ryan, it sound like you did an all round great job with your report of India....and Abby, I loved your picture, and wow! do you look fancy in your costume! I think lots of learning went on as you prepared. Good work!!!


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