Wednesday, March 11

This is School, Right?

I am not adjusting well to the time change this year. I don't know if it's because our family has been sick for the last couple of weeks and we've been sleeping in a bit more than usual or if it's just my age, but my built-in clock isn't resetting easily this go-around.

While I was trying to get myself moving and thinking clearly yesterday morning, the kids seized upon my lack of organization and direction and began playing together ever-so-nicely. (I do believe kids come prepackaged with a built-in radar which is able to detect and exploit any chink in a parent's armor of resolve!)

Before I knew what had happened, they had set up shop, printed their own money, and were conducting commerce in their make-believe stores. I threw in the towel and brought them some canned goods and boxed items from the pantry that they could add to their meager store shelves, as well as my reusable shopping bags from the van.

It may not have been "formal" education, but I let it suffice for math (counting money), writing (printing their own money), and sociology (playing nicely together)! I may not get a Teacher of the Year award, but my Cool Mommy points just went up a little (and believe me, I needed some of those!).


a portland granny said...

Best kind of learning there is! Sounds like you have a couple of creative kids!! Good for you for building on their play and helping make it a learning experience!

DebbieLynne said...

I think that was splendid of you to turn it into stealth education! The best learning happens when kids think they're "just having fun." Good job, Kim!


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