Tuesday, September 2

Fall Ball

Well, it begins...our family's journey into organized sports. About four months ago some latent male desire reared itself in my little boy. He had never shown any real interest in baseball, but one day, he began asking us to play with him. So off and on throughout the summer we played catch and showed him how to hit in our backyard.

I checked into our local sports program to see how old you have to be to play Little League, and found out he is eligible for fall ball. We asked him if he wanted to play, and he said YES! Then we pulled out the heavy guns, did he want to play badly enough to pay for it himself? He said, YES! So from now till the end of October you won't find us at home. We will be at the ballfield...

See the littlest one in the line (second from the end)? That's Ryan.

Abby quickly made a friend and spent the whole time either
playing in the sandbox or swinging on the trees with him.

Working on his swing.

Fearless pitcher.

Oops, look again...fear and trembling.

He makes the cutest little catcher!

Positively swimming in the gear.

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