Tuesday, September 16

Persecuted India

While I have been distracted by the financial crisis and raging politicss here in the States, our Indian brothers and sisters in Christ are in desperate need of our prayers. Gospel for Asia has asked for our prayers in a recent article.

In light of the recent attacks in Orissa, Gospel for Asia leaders in Karnataka are asking for prayer. They send these specific requests:

  • Ask God to specially assign His angels to watch over and protect His people, evangelists, pastors and church leaders who are scattered across the state of Karnataka.

  • Pray that police and government officials will bring the violence under control immediately.

  • Pray that God will strengthen the church with courage, boldness, strong conviction and faith in the Lord to stand firm for His name during these days.

  • Pray that the enemies of the Gospel will be visited by the love of the living and true God and that a great number of them will turn to Him.

  • Pray for the suffering Christians to receive justice and favor in this hour of crisis.

If you haven't yet read Revolution in World Missions by K.P. Yohannan (founder and president of Gospel for Asia), I highly recommend it. You can get a FREE copy here. So now you have no excuse not to read it, but be forewarned, it might just alter your worldview!

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