Friday, September 26

Reading, Part 2

Abigail has been wanting to learn to read for probably a year, but I haven't felt that she was really ready, so I have been putting her off. Finally, at the beginning of summer I caved and decided to try it. We worked on it for about three weeks, but she clearly wasn't ready. So I convinced her to put it away for the rest of the summer and we'd try again at the beginning of the school year (she did NOT want to quit).

Reading Mat, the first book in the Bob Books series.

So we began again this month, and it has been going much better! She is not as frustrated, I'm not as frustrated, and she seems to be getting it. We have a long way to go, but I think she may be a reader by the end of Kindergarten this year. Learning doesn't come easily to her, but she gives it a lot of effort. I'm so proud of how hard she tries!

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