Thursday, September 4

Try to Remember

Posted at our ball field:


Karol said...

Love your blog and read your kids' blogs too - so amazing! I'm looking all around for other Portland area mom's blogs.... I'm in Tualatin, moved here from Medford, are you near here? I'll check in with you often! - Karol

a portland granny said...

Hi Kim--haven't gotten back to you about Sunday of the reenactment as I haven't talked to Elliot all week. (They get very busy once they are in high school!)

As far as cursive goes, I think the printing is best as their reading words are printed and I'm not sure the small muscle groups are ready for cursive. I did, however, teach cursive to my second graders when I taught 2/3 splits. They loved it! But the manuscript is a good foundation in getting ready for the cursive.

I guess you must be back into the school year. Have fun!



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