Sunday, September 7

First Games

Warming up before the game.

Ryan's first ball game was a night game, so most of the pictures didn't turn out. It was pretty fun, and we have no idea if they won, lost, or tied. I guess they don't keep score in this league (whatever). We're still figuring out the rules since no one has a copy of them nor do they seem to be consistent from game to game.

Playing left field.

His second game was on Saturday, and I am amazed at how much better he is doing with just two practices and two games (and us working with him in the evenings)! He got on base his first time up to bat and even managed to make it all the way home before the inning was over.

However, his second time up to bat he struck out and was devasted because he didn't swing at the last pitch and had no idea why he was out. He caused quite a laugh in the audience at his confusion and wails of "Why?! Why?! I didn't do anything!" Daddy scooped him up and took him to the dugout to explain about strikes and balls since they had never gone over it with him.

Playing third base.

We didn't need to keep score to know we got completely trounced on. However, it allowed me to figure out another rule of this league: After one team scores four runs, their time up to bat is over. Ryan was clueless that they lost. All he knows is he had fun, and that's as it should be...for now anyway.

"Down and ready."

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