Wednesday, September 3

Feeling Good

I am sitting here watching some of the Republican National Convention. We watched some of the Democratic National Convention also, though I'm not sure I've ever watched either before.

I just have to say, I haven't felt this good in a while. Yes, it has to do with Sarah Palin, but not because she was chosen as McCain's VP. Have you seen that bun she wears? Little did I know my hairstyle was so fashionable. I am also feeling so young and youthful. I keep hearing about how young she is and all about her youth, and I'm younger than she is! Whoo-hoo!

I never would have guessed politics could make me feel so good.


a portland granny said...

Wasn't that speech just something??!! I cried, I laughed, I felt proud, and a whole gamut of emotions.

You've really added some updates since I check two or three days ago! Sounds like you will e busy with ball this fall. I've been there, done that!! When you have a child in sports, it really is a committment!!

There is a Civil War Reenactment coming the last of this month. I'll let you know the times and date and place. Perhaps we could all meet there if you are still interested in going to a reenactment. Will email you with details.

Loved the outcome on your wallet. What a faith builder for the children! God was good.

Talk to you soon.


Darcy said...

Isn't she beautiful?? I LOVE her hair. And then this morning as I was reading articles on Drudge, I read an article of a stylist saying her hair was about 20 years out of date. @@. I like it. LOL.

Kim said...

Yeah, I read that article too, and it totally busted my bubble! Here I thought I finally had a fashionable hairstyle. ;) LOL!


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