Thursday, November 20

Abby's Day

Abby was legally ours for five years back in September, and we usually celebrate that day every year with each child. However, all our weekends involved baseball this year, and we couldn't think of anything special to do with Abby so we postponed it. Finally last weekend, we made it up to her!

Daddy took her fishing for the first half of the day. They took the canoe to Vernonia Lake and spent several hours enjoying the time together. They didn't catch too many fish, but they had a great time being together enjoying the scenery.

After they got home, Abby was rushed through a shower, dressed up, and she and I went out to dinner together, just the girls. Then we drove across town to see the Christian Youth Theatre perform Anne of Green Gables! We got there a little early, so we browsed some of the booths that were there. I bought Abby a cute Anne of Green Gables "paper" doll set, which actually had reusable stickers instead of paper clothes. We also bought a couple of the cutest cookies I've ever seen!

Abby sat for half an hour before the show playing with her sticker doll, and once the play began, she was riveted to the stage. It was a musical, and she loved every minute of it! It turned out to be much longer than I expected (two and half hours), and she fell asleep with a couple of minutes being on the road.

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