Sunday, November 16

Tissue Paper Crafts

I have become the tissue paper craft queen lately. There are tons of things you can do with tissue paper! We have made some other things I didn't bother to blog about, but remember earlier this year we made some cute votives and last week we made those fun autumn trees? Well, our latest tissue paper project was these fun cards. They made great thank you cards and note cards to send to the grandmas, which is just what we did with some of them!

Though this is pretty much no-brainer, if you want to see instructions, I ran across the idea on this cute crafty blog, and since then I have also found more ideas that I may use on this website.

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a portland granny said...

Those cards are wonderful. We used to do a lot with tissue paper crafts. Always quite a mess with 25+ and all of their papers everywhere!!


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