Sunday, November 2

Bowling Party

Ryan's baseball team had an end-of-season party at our local bowling alley. We have taken the kids bowling before, but it was years ago so they don't really remember doing it. Abby and I stayed home in order to save the $10 per bowler cost, but since Ryan had so much fun, we plan to go again as a family soon.

They put the bumpers up in the gutters, so that helped the kids do better and not get too discouraged by lots of gutter balls. Ryan bowled an 84! That's about what I usually bowl, with or without bumpers!

I am not sure why they gave trophies to everyone, but Ryan is now the proud owner of one. He put it up on his shelf to admire and hopes to play baseball again next spring.


a portland granny said...

You have been busy. Great pictures of the bowling party! Don't you love those bumpers for the kids? I think I would like them if I ever go bowling again! I do take the grandies when they areand we've had some real fun with it!

Kim said...

Yeah, their great. They didn't seem to help me much when we went bowling last week though. I still bowled under 100.


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