Friday, November 28

Thankful for Food

As we were eating breakfast yesterday as a prelude to our Thanksgiving feast, I wanted and object lesson to help my children understand how incredibly blessed we are as well as remind myself. I read them an article about the food crisis in Zimbabwe where people are finding it harder and harder to find food. I don't know if they were impacted by it as we ate our way through a batch of cinnamon rolls, but I pray they will at least begin to understand and not take it all for granted, or worse, feel entitled to all that we have or all that they think they want.

I am praying about what we can do as a family to help those who are starving. There are many organizations, but I am praying God will lead us to the one He would have us give through. I want to not only help fill empty bellies but fill empty souls as well. Do you know of a reputable gospel-centered relief ministry that we could give to?

Photo: The kids working a puzzle of the African continent after breakfast Thanksgiving morning. (Our globe is so old we couldn't find Zimbabwe on it. Apparently it used to be called Rhodesia. I think it's time for a new globe!)

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