Wednesday, November 12

Posts and Promises

Update: I moved the posts to the correct dates.

I have ten posts for which I've uploaded pictures but haven't taken the time to finish...ugh! Please bear with me as I post these. They are old news, but since this is my online journal of sorts I am going to post them anyway. So over the next couple of days, you can see what we did the last week of October and first week of November!

Despite the amount of rain we get here (our backyard has had 4.97 inches so far this month!), we don't really see as many rainbows as you'd think. But Abby spied this one out our back door November 1st and called us all over to enjoy it with her. It always reminds me of God's promise not only to spare the Earth from another flood but also to return again for His bride...may we be found ready!

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