Sunday, November 16

So Grown Up

Ryan has been anxious to learn to mow the lawn, and Daddy has been teaching him how. Today for the first time he mowed the front yard all by himself! I had to start the lawn mower for him, but he did the rest all on his own. It is truly hard for me to see him as big enough for this task, but he proved to me today that he is not only strong enough to push the mower but also capable enough to do a great job. I only had to have him go back over two spots where he missed. I'm proud of you, Ryan!


Darcy said...

Wow, that's great!

a portland granny said...

What a big boy! Didn't it scare you?

Kim said...

No, he's really reliable and Mr. Safety Conscience, so as long as Abby was safely out of the way, I knew he'd be fine.


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