Sunday, November 30


The cutting begins at 4:16 pm.

We typically cut our Christmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving, and this year was no exception. However, when we arrived at our favorite u-cut farm, the gate was closed. Hubby walked up to the outbuilding to see if hours were posted, and he found a sign saying something along the lines of, Sorry we missed you but feel free to cut a tree and leave the money in the slot! So we grabbed the saw and went looking for our tree.

"Come on, Ryan. I'm getting cold!"

We chose a modest size Noble this year, and it was the usual price of $20, which you just can't beat. Ryan decided he wanted to cut the tree down this year, so we handed over the saw and he got to work. We truly thought he'd saw for a minute or two and give up, but to our utter surprise and delight, he persevered and cut down the tree entirely by himself! It took 27 minutes and it was almost dark by the time we left but not too shabby for a six-year-old!

4:29 pm and still going!

I missed the usual hot cider and cookies that they customarily serve when they are open, but there's always next year, right? Ryan kept telling us he wanted to wait and go cut a tree when it snowed, and he wasn't happy to learn that last year's snowfall was a special treat and not something likely to happen each year. I must admit, last year's tree cutting was exceptionally fun with the snow!

At 4:43 pm we finally yelled, "TIMBER!"

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