Monday, November 24

Budget Food

I don't know about your budget, but ours has felt pretty squeezed the last few months. Now that the price of gas has dropped dramatically, it's been better, but I've still been trying to save money wherever we can. Then I read an article about Spam and how Hormel can't keep up with the demand since people are buying it more because it is an economical way to put something "meat like" on the table. When I did the math, the average cost of Spam is $3.20 per pound! I don't know what these people usually buy, but that's not economical to me. I can buy real meat for less than that, and I certainly prefer ground beef or chicken to a hunk of Spam!

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a portland granny said...

Spam was a mainstay in our house during WW 2. Mom used to put it in the meat grinder, then chop pickles and mix it with mayo. A great sandwich spread! I never have eaten it since.

Tonight I couldn't get into Patty's website. I hope she hasn't erased it again by mistake. She just got all of her recipes back on it. If you know anything let me know.

I like it when you post so many updates. Love readng about your cuties.


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