Wednesday, October 8

Cool Tool!

Just last month I came across one of the coolest tools I have ever seen! Are you ever reading something online and it gives a scripture reference and then you have to click on over to Blue Letter Bible or BibleGateway or actually go get your Bible and look it up? Well, never fear having to do that on my blog ever again! Of course, you could just take the author's word for what the scripture says, but that's not always wise as so often things are taken out of context, twisted to fit someone's agenda, etc. In Acts 17:11 we are given a good example of the Bereans who examined the scriptures to make sure what they were being taught was true.

So, go ahead and hover over the scripture reference...I'll wait. Go on, try it...just put your cursor over the reference.

Now tell me that isn't cool?! Just for fun, click over to my church's doctrinal statement to see this very cool tool in action on dozens of verses.

Did I mention it's free? And incredibly easy to use? If you want to add it to your own website or blog, just copy and paste the code provided by RefTagger. They currently only have several Bible versions, but they are working on expanding their selection. Enjoy!

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Darcy said...

Now that's cool!


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